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How To Be Sure The Parts You Get Will Work Well In Your Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is not something you want to mess with. Put in an incompatible part, and you could find the tower not working at all. Whatever you're trying to keep cool is going to have a tough time until you can get the right part. You can make sure the parts you get for the cooling tower will work very well if you work with the manufacturer and get OEM parts. But if you can't find those, then you still have options if you go with certain companies.  

Ask About Partner Suppliers

In terms of obtaining the parts themselves, contact the cooling tower manufacturer's customer service and ask about partner suppliers. Many companies partner with suppliers to ensure that parts for towers and other equipment will be available in your area. If there isn't a partner supplier in your region, the company can direct you to the closest one that is willing to ship parts to you. If the partners do not have OEM parts, you can bet that the aftermarket parts they have are acceptable and meet the tower manufacturer's specifications.

Ask About Manufacturer Requirements for Aftermarket Parts

Maybe the partner supplier is out of the part you need, and you need that part urgently. If you decide not to use a partner supplier but instead go with a different supplier that you are already familiar with and that you know has an aftermarket part, find out what the manufacturer's specifications for the part have to be. Sometimes this will be on the manufacturer's website, and sometimes you'll have to call the customer service department again. These requirements will cover issues like the salinity levels of the water that runs through the towers.

Contract With Only Authorized Service Providers for Repairs

You may know what parts are needed for the cooling tower, but you should still leave the work up to a professional repair person. The manufacturer should have a list of local authorized service providers in your area. Work from these providers will be in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, and if your cooling tower is still under a warranty, contracting with these providers won't cancel the warranty. Trying to replace the parts yourself or using an unauthorized service provider could void any warranties, including any on the parts themselves.

The strategy here is to stick to the manufacturer's specifications as closely as possible. That means using providers and suppliers authorized by the manufacturer for parts and repairs. 

Reach out to a cooling tower parts supplier for more information.