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How To Get The Most From A Geomembrane Liner Integrity Test

Integrity testing is one of the most important assessments you could perform on a geomembrane liner because it checks for leaks. You'll get the most from this testing for your own geomembrane liner if you take these steps.

Follow the Appropriate Regulations 

If your geomembrane liner is being used as a barrier for things like waste, then you need to make sure integrity testing is done in a way that's compliant. Then you can make sure this assessment doesn't have any confounds that would interfere with the leak detection results you get.

You can fully trust integrity testing protocols when you hire a professional company to perform this assessment on your geomembrane liner. Technicians will already have formal training that certifies they know what regulations to comply with, which might dictate things like the equipment that should be used for this assessment and when it needs to be conducted throughout the year. 

Have a Site Analysis Conducted Prior to Testing

Once you find a company to perform integrity testing on your geomembrane liner, it's a good idea to have them come out and perform a site analysis. This is important to account for the membrane's specific attributes like size and materials it's made of. 

The testing company can then make sure this assessment is set up the right way and the right equipment is used. This pre-test site assessment won't take long and ultimately ensures your leak detection survey results are as accurate as possible.

Repair Leak Vulnerabilities if They're Detected

Once this geomembrane liner integrity test is performed by a licensed company, you'll have the chance to go through the results to see if any leaks are present. If some are identified according to the concrete data that's provided, what you need to do now is repair these vulnerabilities before leaving the liner alone.

Fortunately, the integrity testing results will show exactly where leaks are happening so you don't have to perform hours of physical inspections yourself. Just make sure you target all vulnerable areas and make sure your repair methods are going to hold up for the foreseeable future.

Something you'll need to have performed periodically if you have a geomembrane liner holding substances underneath is an integrity test. As long as you set this testing up for success in the beginning, it's going to give you valuable data regarding leaks and thus help you make repairs if they're appropriate. 

To learn more about this testing, contact a company like Beyond Leak Detection.