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Important Qualities To Get In A Pharma Clean Room Crane

When you need to move heavy materials around a pharmaceutical manufacturing site, a clean room crane is one of the best solutions you can rely on. In addition to supporting a lot of weight, this crane will remain completely sterile and that's key when making pharma-related products. Just make sure this crane has the following qualities.

Closed Off Case/Shell

If you want to make sure this pharma clean room crane remains contaminant-free when supporting pharma-related products, then you need to look for a model that has a completely closed-off case/shell.

It is this component that will shield integral internal components—such as the motor and electrical components—from things like dust and debris. Additionally, since these components will be shielded from external stimuli, it will be easier to maintain this clean room crane over the years.

High-Efficiency Motor

The motor is responsible for powering a pharma clean room crane and thus helps it move materials to and from different sites around a clean room environment. You want to make sure this motor is extremely efficient because then it won't require a lot to run, helping you save on power costs.

A highly efficient crane motor is also going to last a lot longer compared to standard motors, which lets you save money in that you won't have to constantly deal with repairs or a replacement any time soon. Just make sure you review key specs to verify you're buying an efficient motor for this crane solution.

Smooth Movement

When you handle any sort of pharmaceutical products around a clean room using a crane solution, it's paramount to have smooth movement. Then you can ensure you're not putting the clean room crane through too much force.

You'll also have more control over how pharmaceutical products are moved to different sites around your clean room. You can avoid jerking motions for instance and thus prevent the load from potentially coming down. Probably the best way to assess movement with a pharma clean room crane is to see it work in real time, whether you're near the crane in person or watch videos of it operating.

Pharma clean room cranes are easy to keep sterile and that's key in supporting heavy pharma products without contamination being a factor. You just need to find a crane solution with certain qualities designed to improve material handling operations around a clean room production environment.  

Contact a local company that offers pharma clean room cranes for more info.