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Making Your Factory More Profitable

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What Is A Score Slitter And Sleeve?

If you have been looking at different types of blades and accessories, you may have heard of a score slitter, which is most commonly used in the process of crush cutting. These types of knives and blades are available for a variety of purposes. Not sure if you need a score slitter? This guide will help you determine what a score slitter is as well as whether or not your company would benefit from utilizing one as part of the manufacturing process.

The Crush Cut Process

Score slitter blades are most commonly used in the crush cutting process in which a material passed through a hard sleeve and a blade. As a result, the passing material is crushed between them. 

What Type of Blade Is a Score Slitter?

The score slitter does not have a sharp edge like a razor. Instead, the slitter offers a more rounded edge. The radius of the slitter is also larger than you might expect it to be. This prevents the crush cutting process from leaving an uneven cut, especially as sharp blades would dull out quickly in comparison to the blade of the standard splitter.

How Is a Score Cut Knife Used?

In addition to being useful in making continuous cuts in different types of material, the score cut blade is also ideal for creating perforations. Consider the perforation of a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Score cutting helps to create this kind of appearance and cut. 

Does the Type of Sleeve Matter?

Actually, yes. It is about so much more than the type of blade you used to create a score cut or perforation. You also need to have high-quality parts, including a hardened sleeve. Hardened sleeves should be of a quality that can be easily resurfaced. Otherwise, you may have to replace them regularly due to the development of grooves along its surface. Resurfacing is much more cost-effective than replacing. It is also a great idea to consider a through hardened sleeve rather than one that has been simply hardened in the standard way. These sleeves may ultimately require replacing after several resurfacing processes, especially when the soft steel becomes exposed.

It is ultimately in your best interest and in the best interest of your product to look for high-quality manufacturing score slitters and sleeves. Not sure which one is best for your product? Consider talking to an expert like the ones at GARDICO Inc to learn more about your options.