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3 Common Industrial Air Compressor Problems

Are you afraid to use your industrial air compressor because it overheats and has numerous other problems? Although an overheating air compressor can pose a fire hazard, it is possible that a repair can be made so you won't have to buy a new one. The most important thing that you must do is find out what is causing the problems. Find out in this article why your air compressor is likely having problems.

1. Overheats After Running for a Short Time

If your compressor has been overheating in an untimely manner, it points to something serious being wrong. The heat can lead to a fire sparking up in the blink of an eye. The first part of the compressor that should be inspected by a technician is the motor, as it may be old. If you have noticed that the compressor is loud along with the overheating, the motor might need to be replaced. Another thing that can cause untimely overheating is contaminated oil, such as if there is dirt or pieces of metal in it.

2. Will Not Stay Running Long Before Shutting Off

When a compressor is unable to run for a long time, it might mean that the cycle limit is not sufficient enough for your needs. A low cycle limit does not necessarily mean that the air compressor is in need of a repair. You must keep in mind that there are different models of air compressors, and each one will have a different cycle limit. Another common reason for a compressor to shut off fast is from simply being worn out from being used so much. In such a case, it is smart to invest in a new air compressor before it stops working altogether.

3. Hardly Any Air Flows Through the Compressor

A compressor that does not have a strong level of air flowing through it is a sign that the filter is in need of attention. It is possible that large amounts of dirt and dust have built up on the filter. The reason the dirt and dust is a problem is because air is unable to flow through to the fullest extent. Keep in mind that air flows through the filter before reaching other areas of the compressor. Getting the filter cleaned will likely bring the air pressure back to a satisfactory level, but it is also possible that the filter will need to be replaced.

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