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3 Tips For Maintaining A Vacuum Pump

Depending on the nature of your business, it is possible that your Alcatel vacuum pump is in service around the clock. As a result, good maintenance of your pump is necessary to avoid breakdowns and costly delays. To help ensure your pump is in good working order at all times, here are some preventative maintenance steps you can take.  

Change the Oil

A vacuum pump uses oil to keep its components lubricated so they can easily move. When the oil is contaminated, it can impact the performance of the pump and even lead to its failure. If the issue is severe enough, the damage to your pump could prove to be irreparable.  

To avoid this, the oil needs to be changed on a regular basis. Refer to your operating manual to determine the recommended frequencies for oil changes.  

When changing the oil, there are a few things to remember. Run the pump a few minutes to warm the oil before changing. By doing this, you can help the oil drain faster. You also need to tilt the pump to ensure that all of the oil is drained. If the oil is heavily contaminated, you might have to drain the oil a second time. 

Ventilate the Pump

During operations, the vacuum pump will generate a significant amount of heat. Ideally, the heat should flow from the vacuum pump and into the air so that it does not force its way back into it. Unfortunately, if your pump does not have sufficient ventilation, it can overheat and burn out.  

It is imperative that you provide ventilation for the pump. If you are outdoors, this should not be a problem. However, if you are in an enclosed area, you might have to use a fan or create an opening for the air to circulate out of the area in which the pump is being used.  

Replace the Vanes

Your operating manual will provide you with recommendations for changing the vanes on a schedule. Keep track of when they are changed so that you can ensure it is done on time. Without the regular changes, the vanes can start to wear down.  

If you have to make a change before the scheduled date, make sure the vanes are at the proper length before using the pump again. If not, the vane will suffer uneven wear and tear.  

Talk to your vacuum pump dealer for other suggestions on how to properly maintain your pump.