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Roll Off Dumpster And DIY Renovations: Everything You Want To Know For Your Project

When you want to do your own DIY renovation projects, there are a lot of tools and equipment that you will need. This may include renting machines for labor intensive tasks or renting dumpsters for getting rid of waste from demolition, re-roofing, and other tasks. There are some things that you will want to know before renting a dumpster, such as costs, available sizes, and the types of materials that can be put in containers. Here are the things that you should know before you get ready to rent a dumpster for your DIY renovation projects:

1. Timing the Delivery of Your Dumpster to Keep Daily Costs Down

The timing of the delivery for your dumpster is important because many rental services charge by the day. Schedule the delivery for a time when you are ready to start loading the dumpster with waste, which will ensure you are not paying to just have the dumpster sitting in the front of your home.

2. Choosing A Dumpster That Is Big Enough for Demolition and Renovations

Dumpsters also come in many different sizes; from 5 to 20 cubic yards. This is the cubic space that they can handle. Some materials are denser and heavier, which means that even though they occupy less space, you may still need to have a larger dumpster. This is common with materials like concrete, drywall and other dense materials.

3. Smalling Dumpster Rentals for the Light Work and Smaller Projects

Sometimes, you may not need to have a huge dumpster for your renovation projects. Usually, a small 5-yard dumpster is big enough for projects like a bathroom or kitchen remodel that has less waste. You can talk with the dumpster rental service about a flat-rate rental; where they will deliver a dumpster, and leave it to be filled in and picked up for a fixed fee.

4. Knowing the Weight Limits and Hazardous Materials That May Not Be Allowed in Dumpsters

Remember when you rent dumpsters, many rental services hold you responsible for any fines due to overloading containers. They also may have restrictions on materials that can be thrown in the dumpster, such as no hazardous waste or concrete. The hazardous waste may be something they do not deal with and concrete can damage dumpsters and often causes problems with loads being too heavy for trucks.

These are some of the things that you will want to know when you get ready to rent a dumpster for your project. Contact a dumpster rental service, such as Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., and talk with them about getting a dumpster delivered when you are ready to start your renovation project.