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Making Your Factory More Profitable

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How Your Metal Fabrication Shop Can Benefit From Precision Water-Jet Cutting

In today's fast-paced, modern world of precision metal fabrication, finding every way to remain in step with your competition is vital to remain successful and profitable. Having the capability of producing small, intricate metal parts can help you win orders that will help you pay your overhead costs and payroll while leaving enough to increase profit levels. Learn more about the reasons you need to incorporate water-jet cutting into your precision metal fabrication shop.

Micro-Cutting Is a Bonus for Your Customers

If you have ever had to turn down orders for tiny parts because you did not have the machinery and technology to produce them, you should know that with water-jet cutting, you can offer micro-cutting to your customers. When it comes to precision cutting and turning out small parts with intricate designs for medical or aerospace applications, knowing you have the capability to engage your customers is a great feeling and can increase your customer base a great deal.

Today's metal fabrication shop may produce parts for surgical tools or for parts used in space applications, so making sure you are ready to handle these kinds of orders is vital for remaining in step with your competitors and the best reason to invest in precision water-jet cutting machinery.

Water-Jet Cutting Produces a Fine Finish Right Away

Saving time in your daily production matters a lot to your final profits. When you can reduce the time it takes to finalize parts with a fine, smooth finish, you can safely say you have made a huge impact in time-savings. With water-jet cutting, you do not have to invest in time for polishing and finishing every small part coming off the machine. Water-jet cutters produce a fine spray of water that contains a special abrasive for smoothing the finish of parts while they are being cut. The parts coming off your water-jet cutters are finished and usually do not require additional time for sanding and smoothing up the finish.

Producing Parts Out of Various Materials Is Profitable

Just because you are a metal fabrication shop does not mean you have to remain limited to producing only metal products. With a water-jet cutter, you can manufacture precision parts out of materials like plastic, metal and glass. Because you can manufacture parts out of various materials, you can also increase the number of customers you have asking for them.

Adding water-jet cutting capabilities to your precision metal fabrication shop is a wise investment that will bring in greater profits while keeping you up to speed with the competition. For more information, contact a business such as Cincinnati Ventilating Company Inc.