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Making Your Factory More Profitable

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3 Things To Consider Before Renting A Crane For Your Construction Project

If you have a construction project that will include the use of a crane, you may need to consider renting one if you do not have access to one. Cranes are ideal if your job will require a lot of very heavy lifting and hoisting. You need to take many things into consideration when renting a crane, including the following:

Hire a Licensed Operator

If you do not have a fully licensed and insured crane operator on your construction crew, you will need to hire one before renting a crane. Operating a crane takes years of knowledge and experience. He or she will know how much weight a crane can handle, how to inspect the equipment before starting on a project, and conducting risk calculations. Furthermore, the equipment rental company will not rent a crane to you unless you have a certified crane operator to use it.

Be Fully Insured

When you are renting a piece of construction equipment, particularly a crane, you must be sure that you are fully insured. Insurance is crucially important for crane use due to the amount of damage that can occur if it is improperly used or if it malfunctions. Lifting items that are too heavy for the crane's specifications can cause it to tip over, which can not only cost you in lost materials, but it is also incredibly dangerous to your crew who may be standing nearby. You can get insured with a policy designed for construction projects through your insurer. Also, when you are hiring your crane operator, be sure that they have insured themselves or that they are on your project insurance.

Use a Crane That Matches the Needs of Your Project

If you are a novice to cranes, you may mistake your needs when renting. A crane that is too big or too small for a project can cause problems all around. Cranes that are too small can result in a project taking much longer because it cannot hoist as much materials at one time like a larger crane can. Cranes that are too big are not needed for smaller projects and can significantly eat into your budget because they are more costly. They also take up more area on the work site.

Using a crane in a construction project can have many benefits, but you must know what you are doing when you are ready to rent one. Be sure to listen to the rental agent very carefully regarding any stipulations involved when you are renting a crane. Also, read your paperwork carefully to see what you will be responsible for should something happen to the equipment while it is in your possession. Contact a business that offers crane and hoist parts for more information.