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What Types Of Materials And Agents Are Used For Waterproofing Garage Floors

Keeping the floor of your garage dry is as important as keeping the floors in your home dry. This prevents items that are stored inside the garage from being damaged by water as well as keeping the floor of the garage sturdy enough that it can be used for parking your vehicle. Even tiny cracks on the surface of your garage floor can expand and cause severe damage if they are not repaired. Fortunately, there are products that can be used to protect your garage floor from water damage for many years. The following are some of the materials and agents that are used.

Crystalline Concrete Agents

Crystalline concrete waterproofing agents actually adhere to a concrete garage floor. These agents can be applied fully to the floor to cover it completely. The crystals continue to react so that the waterproofing remains even if cracks develop in the garage floor years later.

If your garage floor has existing cracks, crystalline concrete agents can also be applied to only the damaged areas to prevent water from seeping through. The crystals fill in any porous or empty areas of the concrete and seal it so that it becomes waterproof. 

Epoxy Coating Agents 

Waterproofing epoxies are painted on the floor of a garage and allowed to cure. These agents leave a smooth surface once they have cured and prevent water or other spills from getting down inside the concrete. 

Epoxy coating agents are also commonly known as concrete sealer. They are available as coating sealers that seal the surface of the concrete floor and penetrating sealers that soak down into any existing cracks or crevices to prevent leaks and further cracking.

Waterproofing Membranes 

Waterproofing membranes are also ideal for protecting concrete garage floors. However, this type of waterproofing is installed under the concrete floor to prevent water from the ground from seeping up through the floor.

Garage Floor Tiles  

You can also create a waterproof garage floor by having garage floor tiles installed. These tiles are generally made of a strong, durable plastic that resists spills such as oil, gasoline, various chemicals and water. These tiles are often made of polypropylene which is tough enough to withstand having vehicles driven over it easily. Any spills that occur can simply be wiped clean.

With the various options that are available for waterproofing a garage floor, both homeowners and mechanics alike can be assured that their garage floors can be protected from water damage. Waterproofing a garage floor is a smart investment as well because it can prevent the cost of expensive repairs.

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